L.I.P. Summer Adventure

coz you are a location-independent professional, thrill-seeker, young entrepreneur, eager to live your life to the fullest

6 islands

10 sailing boats

80 heroes

12 lectures







About this event

What is it?

L.I.P.* Summer Adventure is an adventure week for location-independent professionals. Tailored for remote heroes, 21st century world citizens, digital nomads, entrepreneurs who consistently travel around the world seeking for great fun, new thrills and opportunities.

* (L.I.P. stands for Location-Independent Professional, a.k.a. Digital Nomad.)

We will be spending one week mixing productive work and networking with pure fun, aboard a fleet of 10 sailing boats, sailing around paradisiac islands, kitesurfing and scuba-diving on fantastic spots, exploring amazing crystal-clear water beaches and ancient wonders of Greece.

Santorini Island

Is it for me?

Are you still trapped inside a cubicle? Working from 9 to 5? Vacations two weeks per year? If so, get rid of that now. Come to meet inspiring people that will help you to move forward towards this awesome lifestyle. Stop dreaming about becoming a digital nomad and live a life of freedom. Make it happen!!!

Have you already escaped that tricky-trouble-trap? Great to hear that. So join your peers, those who think, act and enjoy life just like you. We all have great stories, tricks and opportunities to share. Bring us yours.

Check out a bit of 2016's Greece Sailing Retreat.
2017 will be 10 times bigger, better and more.

Who's joining?

This adventure's goal is to bring together 80 location-independent professionals from all over the world.

Expect to meet a bunch of very interesting people who live their lives traveling, experiencing new places and living new adventures all the time, while developing their own projects and businesses ventures.


LIP Summer Adventure will happen from July 9th until 16th, 2017.


Sailing around the Dodecanese Islands, spending a whole week exploring amazing ancient relics, paradisiac beaches, party places, all while practising lots of outdoor sports and activities and attending interesting presentations on how to make a decent living while exploring the world without limits.

Find out more about the activities and presentations happening during our adventure week, as well as more details about the route we'll be sailing.

Map of Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Map of the Dodecanese Islands.

Stay tuned, folks!

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