Greece Sailing Retreat

for digital nomads who love sailing

June 25 — July 9, 2016

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sailing in paradise

You'll have an amazing time sailing around the Greek Islands and having fun in incredible places.

co-work on a sail boat

A bunch of digital nomads all together being productive over magnificent turquoise blue waters.

explore and learn

Explore dream islands like Santorini, Ios, Mykonos, Paros and others while learning how to sail.

Greece Sailing Retreat

What is it?

Greece Sailing Retreat is a (one or two week) meeting for digital nomads who love sailing and also for all who want to start living a traveling lifestyle. We will be spending two weeks mixing productive work with pure fun, aboard sailing boats, jumping from island to island, exploring all the great beaches and wonders of the greek islands.

This retreat is organized by, a community of digital nomads in spanish speaking countries.

Santorini Island

Is it for me?

Are you tired of working inside a cubicle? Wishing to escape the 9 to 5 tight schedule? Dreaming about living a life of freedom, traveling as you wish and working from anywhere?

You will meet like-minded people, spend one week (or two) co-working together, sailing around paradise islands, while developing useful skills and having a lot of fun.


Greece Sailing Retreat will happen in two consecutive weeks, from June 25 until July 9, 2016.

Week One

June 25th - July 2nd

Week Two

July 2nd - July 9th

You can decide whether you might come for one week or two weeks, as you wish.*
* upon availability


Sailing around the Cyclades Islands, spending some days in Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, Paros, ... and also visiting Athens.

Map of Cyclades Islands, Greece

Map of the Cyclades Islands, marked in red.

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What will you find in the Greece Sailing Retreat?

Explore paradise

What's the best way to jump from island to island and to check the most beautiful beaches than aboard a sailing yacht? You will wake up every day floating in heaven.

Learn how to sail

Have you ever imagined what you could do if you were a skilled sailor? Now is your chance to learn it, on the most beautiful spots. We'll teach you as much as you wish.

Co-working & presentations

Yeah, we're in a summer paradise! So what? We, digital nomads, are never on vacation and always on vacation. A few hours of daily work are welcome... even in a boat!

Best summer parties

Places like Mykonos and Paros, among other greek islands, have become widely famous for its wild summer parties and vibrant nightlife. Let's check it out.

Come and join us. Huge amounts of fun and productivity are well assured!!!

Price and Conditions


each person

per week

What's included:

  • Accomodation in a sailing boat
  • Sailing trip around several islands
  • Experienced licensed professional skipper
  • All meals, drinks and snacks aboard
  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi on the boat
  • Sailing and navigation lessons
  • Paradisiac places
  • Networking and co-working on paradise
  • Inspiration from other digital nomads
  • A lot of fun and great times

NOT included:

  • Flights, buses, ferries, transfers ...
  • Other activities out of the boat
  • Mooring in marinas (optional)*
  • Boats' fuel expenses (very low)*
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

* check FAQ for more details

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation in a sailing boat for 7 nights in a shared cabin, all meals in the boat, snacks and drinks (except alchool), hi-speed internet.
Meals out of the boat (at bars and restaurants), alcoholic beverages, flights and other transfer costs to arrive to the boat, disco parties and any other external activity that one might participate in, like scuba diving or kiteboarding gear rentals, ...
Also, are NOT INCLUDED, marina fees in case we all decide to stay in the marinas overnight. We have it planned to be moored in the most amazing beaches and bays and reach shore in a small auxiliary boat that travels with us. Fuel costs are also NOT INCLUDED, though this tend to be quite small for the whole week.
The best, easiest and most cost effective might be flying to Athens, where you'll find plenty of fast and cheap ferry connections to all major islands.
Digital nomads, remote workers, nomad entrepreneurs and overall people interested in such lifestyle. Participants come from several different countries all across the globe. People with occupations ranging from software developers, web designers, content producers, digital marketing experts, photographers, copywriters, ...
All boat's cabins are double berths. Participants will share the cabin with one other person. We will be sailing from island to island. Expect to wake up everyday in a fantastic bay and start your day jumping into crystal-clear turquoise-blue waters, followed by a relaxed breakfast on the outer cabin of the boat while enjoying some sun in a paradisiac beach. It is for sure a great way of life!
No! Sorry. One week is the minimum. You can opt to be sailing for one or two weeks, starting and ending on saturday. The first week will be from June 25th until July 2nd. The second week is immediately after, from July 2nd until July 9th.
You can make the full payment when booking, or pay 50% to reserve your place and pay the rest up to 3 weeks prior boarding on this adventure. From this moment forward we can't accept any cancellation, neither will refund any amount.
Payments can be done via many different ways: wire transfer, TransferWise, Google Wallet, Revolut Stripe, Paypal and even BitCoin. More details will be sent to you via email, upon application.
You might be delighted to start your day plunging into a fantastic sea in the very same minute you wake up. We'll be enjoying the best places of the greek islands. You can take anytime to sit working a bit, or simply relax and enjoy holidays. While sailing there will be plenty of opportunities to learn how to sail. At night, you might want to go club crawling in fantastic places like Mykonos. It is up to each one and all of us.
Is open to all ages and backgrounds interested in living or embracing a nomadic lifestyle, start up a remote business or feel inspired by people that are already doing it. Greece Sailing Retreat is especially tailored to those interested in meeting other digital nomads, networking, exchanging ideas and have a lot of fun sailing around the greek islands.
No. Our retreats are open for people that are not yet living the digital nomad lifestyle, but want to embrace it and are seeking for guidance or inspiration. This sailing retreat will be quite an inspirational week (or two) and an excellent opportunity to meet other digital nomads.
Not at all! The boat(s) will be captained by a licensed and highly experienced skipper. Also, you'll have a great chance to learn how to sail or practice your sailor skills over the paradise blue waters of the greek islands.

Our team

Esmeralda's profile picture

Esmeralda García

Nomad at heart, digital marketer for occupation. Eternal traveler, creative writer, photography fanatic. She retired from the frenetic 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Pedro's profile picture

Pedro Mengas

Web developer and entrepreneur. Enthusiast about location-independent business models. Loves sailing, surfing and playing the guitar.

Our manifest

Until two years ago we had a "normal life", our routine in Madrid: work, friends, the good things a big city has to offer ... but we lacked something very important: real freedom, geographical independence and being free from tight schedules.

We wanted to find a way to explore the world freely, without financial pressures and without return date, to live wherever we want for as long as we wish and then keep on going. We wanted also to be able to choose the projects we would dedicate our time to, the people we wanted to work with or simply share valuable moments with inspiring people we meet along the way.

So we left everything behind and fearlessly jumped into the unknown. We became digital nomads. In the last two years we have been living in different parts of the world, we got to know hundreds of people, lived unforgettable life experiences and we self-improved ourselves in an extent we would never had experienced staying at home.

Along our way we found that many people dream with this lifestyle but have troubles in finding the way, the motivation or the courage to embrace it. So we decided to start a new project called DNomad.Club, a community for spanish speaking digital nomads in which one can find a lot of inspiring stories about people like us, that live their lives traveling across the world while working and developing their careers.

Human connections is something we value the most. After hosting many virtual meetings we decided to promote also face-to-face meetings. So we are betting on Digital Nomad Retreats. And we want to tell you loud and clear:


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