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What are Digital Nomad Retreats?

Digital Nomad Retreats are meetings for digital nomads from all over the world, where participants can find worldwide business and networking opportunities, while living amazing experiences, having fun and celebrating life.

We have 4 main goals: to encourage the digital nomad lifestyle, to promote global networking, to achieve a great work-life balance and to live fantastic experiences.

Why shall I attend a Digital Nomad Retreat?

Digital Nomad Retreats are tailored for all those seeking to work in a modern way, traveling to great destinations and experiencing their passions.

You'll find lots of activities tailored for people like us, location-independent and schedule-free global professionals, lucky ones with the freedom and total control of our lives.

Combine work with pleasure, meet inspiring people, other digital nomads from all over the world, and never stop enjoying life!

When and where?

Digital Nomad Retreats happen several times during the year, in different places across the world. The retreats are always rich in experiences and opportunities.

Stay tuned on the next events and join an ever growing exciting tribe of young global location-independent professionals.

Our team

Esmeralda's profile picture

Esmeralda GarcĂ­a

Nomad at heart, digital marketer for occupation. Eternal traveler, creative writer, photography fanatic. She retired from the frenetic 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Pedro's profile picture

Pedro Mengas

Web developer and entrepreneur. Enthusiast about location-independent business models. Loves sailing, surfing and playing the guitar.

Our manifest

Until two years ago we had a "normal life", our routine in Madrid: work, friends, the good things a big city has to offer ... but we lacked something very important: real freedom, geographical independence and being free from tight schedules.

We wanted to find a way to explore the world freely, without financial pressures and without return date, to live wherever we want for as long as we wish and then keep on going. We wanted also to be able to choose the projects we would dedicate our time to, the people we wanted to work with or simply share valuable moments with inspiring people we meet along the way.

So we left everything behind and fearlessly jumped into the unknown. We became digital nomads. In the last two years we have been living in different parts of the world, we got to know hundreds of people, lived unforgettable life experiences and we self-improved ourselves in an extent we would never had experienced staying at home.

Along our way we found that many people dream with this lifestyle but have troubles in finding the way, the motivation or the courage to embrace it. So we decided to start a new project called DNomad.Club, a community for spanish speaking digital nomads in which one can find a lot of inspiring stories about people like us, that live their lives traveling across the world while working and developing their careers.

Human connections is something we value the most. After hosting many virtual meetings we decided to promote also face-to-face meetings. So we are betting on Digital Nomad Retreats. And we want to tell you loud and clear:


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